Saving Tallingroth

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Hightower Continued

Last night was a good night to be an adventurer.  We had lost our wizard who got the willies from the rats and ran off in a cloud of dust and Orcleaver had fun playing with rat guts but everyone else battled hard and won the day.

Orcleaver started by feasting on rat and kobold and then made his own game of jacks out of kobold eyes and rat thighs.  This didn't even faze the rest of our party though.  Apparently they have some interesting pasts if this didn't turn their stomachs in the least.  Then he started reading a little PlayOrc when nobody was watching because, "he liked reading the articles."

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The Adventure Begins

The merry band of 9 arrives at the compound and is greeted by Glim Doublelock Turen, Glim.  He shows the group their new home which is in a sad state of repair but an army of gnomes is working furiously to repair and clean the facility.  Unfortunately a section of roof collapses so he takes you down another hall and shows you to your rooms.

He then sets you off to Hightower to get rid of those nasty kobolds that are preparing a raiding base there.  Hopefully, if you nip it in the bud, it won't be too difficult an operation.

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The Great Wizard Sno'loren has retired from adventuring!

Bards are proclaiming it all across the great city of Clortese.  Everyone is wondering what will become of the land of Tallingroth without him and his companions to set things right.  In recent years they have all started to grow a little older, a few have sacrificed their lives in times of great need, and those that remain are tired of it all and have decided to disband.

Sno'loren though knows that there is still great need in these lands.  It was only 20 years ago that the great war finally ended and peace struggled to take root.  In that chaos, evil and greed had flourished as the people were not yet strong enough to resist on their own.  He and his band had taken to the road doing as much as they could to bring peace and justice in their travels but it always seemed like it was never enough and the life of a wanderer can take its toll on a person.

While the others scattered to the wind, raising families, becoming local law, or just settling into a tavern to become a local teller of great tales, Sno'loren knew that he had one last mission to accomplish.  He needed to secure successors to his band, to keep the fight alive towards the goal of a golden age that he knows can come again, or could easily come to nought if someone doesn't continue the stand; continue to rid Tallingroth of evil and injustice.  Will you be a part bringing a golden age to Tallingroth?

The Bards continue their tales announcing that all adventurers who feel they have what it takes have been invited to his compound.  As a reward for all his dedicated years of service, a rich noble has given him an abandoned army baracks and surrounding lands just outside the city.  Here he is building a home and training ground for dozens of adventurers who hear his call.  The meeting is tonight, and if you are hearing this, you start to wonder if this is the answer to that feeling you've had all your life.  Is this the adventure you have yearned for?  What not come out and see?

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