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Welcome Brethren!

This site is a continuation of the sessions where Saving Tallingroth is played.  For Alpha Team which plays Tuesday nights I will post a synopsis on the front page Wednesday mornings of what the adventurers got up to the night before, and in the forums characters can discuss their feats of strength, magic, love and silliness.

Never forget the silliness.  It's the tie that binds getting to poke fun of a fighter who almost took off his own foot with his sword, or the wizard who cast fireball and wound up with a fist full of lillies etc.

For those who wish to come out to our open sessions, you can find calendar events in our calendar by clicking on the calendar link in the menu up top, and meetup events here.

It works like this.  For Alpha Team, Wednesday mornings I will create the event for the following Tuesday.  It's an open group so the first 10 to signup for that night are in.  If more than 10 are interested I can make a waiting list.  If you can't make it, post as soon as possible or let me know by email or in the meetup group.  The first person in the waiting list should be alerted that they are in.  If they can't make it, they need to change their RSVP for the next person.  Bravo Team has a closed group of faithful on Wednesday nights, Charlie Team is another open group and will play the occasional weekend and Delta team is a closed group of kids and their family and friends out in Abbotsford.  We are looking for more DMs as we have more people than groups to support them.

Originally I wanted to try to time each adventure to end at the end of the night so that it would be easier to run this drop in style as we may not have the same people returning every night.  In fact I'm sure we'll have some regulars and some people float in and out on a regular basis which should keep things interesting.  This doesn't look like it will work like I thought so if an adventure does go into the following week and someone doesn't return, I'll have to make excuses for tagging some people in and some out. The first time Orcleaver sat around playing jacks with kobold eyes and read a little Playorc for the "articles."

I am a new DM so this may be a little slow for more experienced players.  If you have patience or are new to the game, we should have a great time.


There are a few reasons for doing this.  I never played as a kid and when I was in college I played a little but was reintroduced last year and really liked it.  I decided to become a DM and I don't want to take away from my player experience with my existing DM so I am opening up to the public.  This way some players that want to play in both groups can play with me and my existing DM and I can get fresh players as well.


Usually at the Royal City Curling Club.  If it's a different place then it will be posted here and in the meetup.

75 E Sixth Ave  New Westminster

Go Upstairs, turn right, go past the bar and it's on the raised platform to your right.

7PM start.  I'll be there at 6:30 if you want to make your own character or have a drink before the game.


Obviously there needs to be a reward for players to become comfortable with the forum.  So here it is.  I won't be disclosing what the XP system will look like, but there will be a small bonus for roleplaying.  There won't be as much in the general chat area or for breaking character but for those who keep to character in the roleplaying area, they will find it worth their while.

For regular Tuesday night gaming sessions there will be XP for roleplaying in character as well.  XP will be awarded as a group for every encounter they come across plus a small bonus for the kill.  Thus if you are a bard or a cleric who never makes a kill but participates in the encounter in some other way, you will level up as well.  For new players with those characters this can be accomplished by casting healing spells during and after the encounter or by distracting the opponents which gives a bonus to the characters they are engaged with etc.

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