Saving Tallingroth

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Attack on Ehlonna

Alpha Team got it's marching orders from a vision granted to Worfred from Ehlonna.  "Thrallac is destroying my temples, thus, you must destroy that man.  Go to Transfial and meet the local cleric, Milo."  So off they went.  When they got there her temple was destroyed and Milo was very emphatic.  "Temples all accross Tallingroth are being destroyed.  We must do something!"

With that Ehlonna gave the whole group a rare, in deity, appearance.  She told them that they would find Thrallac holed up at Iron Stump where they once destroyed a couple of his clerics.  She gave Milo access to 10th level cure spells and a wand of True Ressurection with 5 charges and sent them off.

They went to Iron Stump and as they were looking at the crude entrance to the temple with just a small marker for Erythnul to mark it's purpose and felt that same feeling of intense dread deep in their spine that they had felt last time they were here.  Alessandra decided to deface the marker when 4 Night Hags riding 4 Nightmare Cauchemars decended upon them and 4 Bugbear Fighters came out of the temple.  The fight was on and it was quite clear that there was a take no prisoners mentalitiy.

With their opening salvo the Night Hags killed Worfred with Magic Missiles and the Bugbear fighters surrounded Alessandra.  A heated battle ensued.  Milo resurrected Worfred only to have him die again and resurrected him one more time.  Taklinn went down and Milo healed him.  Damien learned that the Night Hags had high spell resistance and damage reduction so him and Schmendrick had a hard time hitting them with spells and instead focused on the Nightmares and Bugbear Fighters.

After a long battle the final Nightmare, freed from the Hag who was riding it, fled to live to fight another day.  Our group sent Taklinn back with a shopping list thanks to teleport so they could get some more supplies in now that they have an idea of how hard this one is going to be.

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