Saving Tallingroth

Alpha, Bravo (LoEA), Charlie, Delta, Echo, FORCE, Gamma, Hellbound Heroes and Inferno teams are all a go!  Thank you to all the DMs out there making this happen.  :)
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Attack on Ehlonna II & III

The siege contiunes.  Alpha Team cleared the entrance to the cave system of 4 Hellwasp swarms, 8 Formian Warriors, 4 Formian Taskmasters and a Formian Myrmarch.  It was a pitched battle with ups and downs on both ends but nobody from Alpha Team died so Milo did a little healing but mostly stayed in the back while Alpha Team did a magnificent job of securing the area.

Afterwards Taklinn stone shaped the corridor entrances so that the location had a chance to stay secure, took the party to town and they rested for a few hours in their super, handy dandy, sleeping blankets and went back that same afternoon.  Taklinn stone shaped the entrances open and then said he was feeling off and went back to town with Schmendrik and Doliatha.

Arias made himself almost invisible and super quiet and checked out the right tunnel.  Sure enough, Rasa's preminition of Derros and Athachs was correct.  Huge 3 armed beasts were waiting to do a bait and switch.  Not seeing an exit to this corridor they assumed it had very little value other than beating them to a pulp so Worfred stone shaped it closed and they went down the left tunnel.  Arias went first still disguised and whatnot and saw 5 Grey Render Zombies milling about a treasure chest with 2 smaller tunnels leading off from that chamber.  Our party set off.

They were part way down when a magical darkness with flashing lights and sounds to completely disorient our band of heroes was activated.  Arias and Milo were able to keep their senses and slowly led the group out but it wasn't until almost everyone was out that they noticed the walls closing in on them.  Unfortunately Damien did not make it out in time and was squished by the crushing wall trap.  After the walls opened back up, Milo brought out his trusty wand and another charge was used bringing him back to life.  It was described as part reassembly and part inflating a balloon as his much thinner body popped back into place.

Once the zombies noticed them they slowly moved on over and their shuffling attracted more from the smaller tunnels.  Now there were 10 of them and they all ambled to Rasa.  After a long battle they were destroyed and the party found a treasure chest, untrapped and full of loot.

100pp, 14 pieces of art (1 small gold bracelet (10gp), black velvet mask with numerous citrines (90gp), embroidered silk and velvet mantle with numerous moonstones (1400gp), silver chalice with lapis lazuli gems (100gp), a worthless doodle of a human in an unnatural position, Ceramic Box (90 gp), Embroidered and bejeweled glove (1000gp), carved bone statuette (100 gp), brass mug with jade inlays (600gp), fine Cloth Tabard threaded with Silver (400 gp), Box of Perfumed Candles (90 gp),  solid gold idol (10 lb.) (1000gp),  and an Ivory Mask (700 gp), Leopard Fur Coinpurse inlaid with Silver (200 gp)) and one rod of enemy detection.

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