Saving Tallingroth

Alpha, Bravo (LoEA), Charlie, Delta, Echo, FORCE, Gamma, Hellbound Heroes and Inferno teams are all a go!  Thank you to all the DMs out there making this happen.  :)
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Attack on Ehlonna V

Our party had cleared the area of Athacks and Alessandra had scouted ahead finding a couple very deadly traps and only just barely managing to keep from setting them off and disabling them with a little mud.  He saw Thrallac buffing up at the end of the tunnel and despite a few members suddenly getting queasy, Taklinn, Alessandra, Nate, Rasa and Milo bravely entered the room.

Here they found that Thrallac was no longer where Alessandra had seen him and instead there was a wall of colours shimmering and crackling with electricity.  They could see through it though and behind that was a cloud of mist.

Taklinn, being the crazy bastard that he is, charged through forgetting just how deadly it can be and with a stumble he just barely managed to stay conscious.  When he did that 5 large constructs formed out of piles of rocks and attacked the rest of the party.  The battle was on.  Every time an animated object failed, another formed and took it's place becoming a stalemate.  The rocks were not powerful enough to damage our party but there was always 5 in the room until Rasa noticed a flash in the corner of the room and shouted for someone to do something about it.

While the stalemate wore on, Taklinn and Thrallac duked it out.  Thrallac kept throwing spells of green lines at Taklinn who kept just barely making his saves.  Eventually Taklinn grappled him and all the spikes of holy shyte on his armor finished Thrallac, until Thrallac stepped out of a hole in the wall.  Taklinn was holding a Thrallac corpse and yet there was another one ready to go, who still couldn't get a shot off that Taklinn didn't save against.  Eventually Taklinn took out a couple more Thrallacs and found an alcove where 10 more clones awaited.  He cast an antimagic zone and just destroyed the soulless flesh that awaited there.

While he was doing that Nate took out the gem that was keeping them animated objects regenerating and with a concussion blast all the animated objects died, almost taking Milo with them.  Alessandra stabilized her and Taklinn healed her and the party was victorious.

Long live Alpha Team!

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