Saving Tallingroth

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Alpha Team 2

Glim has started a new party of adventurers and sent them after some Clerics that have started extending their reach.  They were limited to a small area just outside the Zuiden Mountains but with Thrallac gone they saw a power vacuum and decided to expand rapidly.  They have been terrorizing the region and this just can't be allowed to stand.

So, Alpha Team 2 has been sent in.  Recognizing that this was going to be an extended dungeon crawl he gave them extra quivers and boxes of crossbow bolts and the team had a cache of food and water put by the entrance in case they need to go back for supplies.

They entered the mountain and found a room with a circle of tall stones.  At first they went around the stones, not sure what to make of it and then Ferb did a knowledge check and decided it was probly a good thing, so Athalear walked into it and received 5 temporary hit points.  Everyone else followed suit but with no results.  Apparently it was first come first served.

They also saw a sarcophagus standing upright against the Southern wall and not too far from it was a door.  Oneshu tried using mage hand to open the sarcophagus but found that the lid was sealed tight but the whole thing pivoted revealing a passage to the next room.

Here they made the rouge get up and do his rougly duty of seeing what was up and he saw inside a gnome warrior who was staring right at him since the moving sarcophagus did get his attention and the fight was on.  At one point Kelva tried to reason with it since they were having a very hard time landing any blows but it said nothing they could do would compare to what the clerics would do to it so eventually they killed it and found a bag of holding, small banded mail armor and a light crossbow.  Ferb pocketed the bolts, Link took the crossbow and the armor got put into the bag of holding that Kun is carrying.

They they investigated the one door to the South and found that it was trapped.  Athalear fell into a 30ft pit and was knocked unconscious.  Since he was carrying some of the rope, Kun went down into the pit, tied it to some of the other party rope and they hauled him up.  Kelva being a druid healed the party but they took a couple of days to do this also using the healing circle which gave one person each morning 5 temp healing points.  

They went around the pit trap and found a portculous which Verna and Ferb snuck through.  Oneshu also went but hid in the shadows.  They tried to intimidate the guard dwarf standing there but eventually he realized something was off and took a swing with his warhammer at Verna.  After a short battle he was done as well and they pocketed his chainmail, warhammer and light crossbow.  With his death though the room started to stink rapidly and they decided it was time to get the heck out of Dodge and ran back to the corridor, they used it to investigate one more empty room before calling it a night.

Stuffs Found:

Bag of holding

Small Banded Mail armor

Small Light Crossbow

Small Heavy Pick

Medium Chainmail armor

Medium Light Crossbow

Medium Warhammer

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