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Into The Cleric's Lair I

Our team was a few rooms in when they discovered 2 people chained to the wall.  Opitoo, a elven ranger, and Dak, a half-orc fighter.  After a brief discussion in which Dak thought these were more captors, Athalear freed them, handed them weapons from those they'd killed so far and Dak got some armor.  Opitoo was offered bloody dwarven clothes from the dwarf in the previous room but he passed and soon had Link's padded leathers as Link put on some chainmail.

They moved on and killed a Grimlock, and a few tiny monstrous centipedes with ease and eventually finding a fountain.  Oneshoe did a few knowledge checks and found out that the water in this fountain was mind altering and probly a bad idea.  He emptied a waterskin anyways and filled it with some of the funky water for later just in case.  They also stumbled upon some hidden treasure, 600sp and half-plate armor.

They went to another room where the floor was covered in black and white tiles and after a knowledge arcana check found that the whole floor was magical.  They weren't sure what that meant so Opitoo threw some of the dead centipedes on it and nothing happened.  Our brave heroes decided it was scary and went back to some unopened doors.  Ferb decided to try some of the funky water, you know, for medicinal purposes and went insane.  He attacked Oneshoe and then decided to start cutting himself on the masonry of the dungeon walls.  At this point Kelva clobbered him and knocked him unconscious.  The group decided to camp for the night and so Kelva healed him while Dak held him from behind.  Having gained his senses back Dak let him go.

The next morning they continued on, ran into another Grimlock and a Dwarven Warrior and dispatched them with ease thanks to a colourspray from Ferb.  Link stabbed the unconscious Grimlock in the bum waking him up but he was still blinded and stunned so he lay on the floor while the team took turns stabbing him tentatively until he eventually died a death of a thousand papercuts.

Kelva, his wolf and I think Athalear went around to the Dwarven Warrior and took him out with relative ease.

The next room had 3 ghouls but our party dispatched them with only Kelva taking a hit in a very easy battle before we decided to end for the night.


Chainmail - Medium

Half-plate - Medium

Heavy Shield - Medium

2 Battleaxes - Medium

Warhammer - Medium

600 sp

Please refresh my memory of what went into the bag of holding and what is currently being worn.

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1) Re: Into The Cleric's Lair
Written by Varya on September 20, 2013, 07:43:17 PM
Dakk took the heavy shield. He took a warhammer as well but I think that might have been from last week's loot.

While I prefer Thursday games, I won't vote because next week will be my last game for a while.

Tim B.
2) Re: Into The Cleric's Lair
Written by Dungeon Master on September 21, 2013, 11:34:30 AM
BAH, I had this typed once already but the silly system wiped it out.  Anyways, the bag of holding is capable of 250lbs and I think this is what is in it:

Bandedmail - Small 35lbs
Chainmail - Medium 40lbs - Link has the other one
Half-plate - Medium 50lbs
Light Crossbow - Small  - 4lbs
Warhammer - Medium - 5lbs - Dak has the other one?
Battleaxe - Medium - 6lbs - Opitoo has the other one?
Heavy Pick - Small -6lbs
600sp - 12lbs

Total 158lbs so decisions will need to be made soon.
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