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Into The Cleric's Lair II

Alpha Team 2 was just deciding what to do next when they heard a couple thuds and 3 hobgoblin warriors charged into the room.  They were very quickly dispatched and as they were dying, Nigh and a dude who hasn't yet revealed his name started coming to.  They exchanged pleasantries and the two new adventurers joined our team.  They still had their armor as they hadn't been stripped down yet but no weapons or shields, presumably those are still out in the wild somewhere where they were captured.  They stripped 15 rations, javalins, longswords and shields off the hobgoblins and off they went.

They decided to go back as they were almost out of food to see if Kelva could hunt them more food.  They realized that for a party this size he would not be able to keep them all fed even as a full time job seeing as how after 1 day he was only able to feed 4 people.  You guys did have a cache at the front door so I'm going to say you picked up some food while there.  Everyone should be up to 5 rations again.

They went through a long tunnel to a room with a dry fountain and a well.  The fountain had gargoyles in releif all over it and a spout in the center with no water.  Ferb, being the try everything kinda guy he is, drank some water from the well, proclaimed it to be safe and so everyone filled their water skins.  Kelva suggested putting some water into the fountain and Dak though that was a great idea, as long as someone else did it.  Eventually they did and a set of stairs appeared and they went up to level 2.

They went through several more rooms killing small spiders, a choker plant, Batswarms and a few more hobgoblins before calling it a day.  You now each have 4 rations and 15 in the bag of holding.

At the end when you killed the last hobgoblin you searched and in addition to their gear, found 99gp.  In the  corner you then found their hoard, which is apparently why they went after such overwhelming odds, and found 2528gp.  As you were counting your loot, those with a high survival skill noticed that something changed, doors aren't quite where they used to be, the corridors don't lead where they once lead, this level has a changing map.

Bag of holding:

Bandedmail - Small 35lbs
Chainmail - Medium 40lbs - Link has the other one

Half-plate - Medium 50lbs

5 Studded Leather - Medium - 20lbs each

1 Leather armor - Medium - 15lbs

5 +1 Light Shields - Medium - 6lbs each

Light Crossbow - Small  - 4lbs

5 javalins - Medium - 2lbs each

Warhammer - Medium - 5lbs

Battleaxe - Medium - 6lbs

6 Longswords - Medium - 4lbs each

Heavy Pick - Small -6lbs

600sp - 12lbs

2627gp - 52lbs

15 days rations - 1lb each

Total 404lbs for a bag of holding that only holds 250 lbs.
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1) Re: Into The Cleric's Lair III
Written by Erebus on September 28, 2013, 12:47:10 AM
The Dude will ask for the Chainmail armour if no one else wants it, along with 3 rations. Also offers to carry anything else for the sake of the group provided they don't mind if he puts it down so it doesn't encumber him during combat. He figures he can manage a extra 100lb. Otherwise, the Dude abides
2) Re: Into The Cleric's Lair III
Written by Dungeon Master on September 28, 2013, 01:53:24 PM
Haha, The Dude.  Awesome.
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