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Into The Cleric's Lair III

Alpha Team 2 was recovering from the changing of the dungeon and the mysterious disappearance of a couple of their party as a result and decided to go through their inventory so they wouldn't overload the bag of holding.  After carefully deciding what to drop, what to swap out with current gear and then resting for the night, they took off.  The next room they went into had a couple of bat swarms that they easily dispatched, and then the most odd thing.  Athalear was able to read Drixbot's Potions on one of the walls.

He saw a slot, a couple buttons, and these words beside the buttons:

CLW 60

Random 175

Ferb, being the adventurous little gnome that he is, put 60gp into the slot and pushed the button.  Sure enough, a potion rolled by his feet for Cure Light Wounds.  That ignited a fury of potion buying and trying to decipher what they got with the random potions.  Eventually they figured out that Ferb got an invisibility, Verna got a Cure Moderate Wounds and Link got one that he isn't sure what it is yet but it has something to do with Transmutation.

After that Athalear got greedy and tried to break into the machine.  He thought he was in luck, his disable device skills were pounding in his head, when suddenly the entire rock surface turned smooth.  Turns out the purveyor of Drixbot's potions, while crazy for putting a vending machine in a dungeon, wasn't completely stupid and tamper proofed it.

After that they stolled along, killed a couple of Large Monstrous Spiders, a couple Chokers and decided to camp for another night.

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